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Hi there! My name is Megan, and I live in Missouri with my husband and two children. I've just finished a semester of student teaching that wraps up my certification for teaching middle school and high school English. While searching for a full time position, I keep myself busy with substitute teaching, freelance editing (was a production editor with a journalism degree in my past life), and, now, blogging! I've had a passion for reading ever since I can remember. This was part of the reason that I made the switch from a full time editor to a career in teaching language arts. I wanted to share the love of reading and writing and figured what better audience than the impressionable young adult?! During the short time I've been reading so far, I've encountered a lot of reluctant readers along the way. For those that tell me that hate reading (*cringe*), I ensure them that they just haven't found the right book yet. And for those that are begrudgingly pushing through a book, I tell them to stop right then (if it's not required reading for a class), and pick a new book. Life's too short to read a bad book! Perhaps my passion for converting these non-readers is what leads me to read a lot of young adult fiction (so I'll have something to recommend!). However, I'm an equal opportunist reader, and will pretty much read (and review) just about anything. My hopes for this blog are to share this passion with a wider audience, keep tabs on my reading habits, and meet a wide variety of like-minded enthusiasts along the way. Thanks for your interest!

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