Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year (and Happy New Blog!!!)

Hi, my name is Megan Guffey (hi, Megan...), and I am a bookaholic. I've spent the better part of two years supplementing my appetite for books with various websites and blogs about reading and have finally given into the urge to join the online community of self-proclaimed book addicts. What better time to jump into the blogosphere than the start of 2014, right? I haven't worked out all of the details yet, and there's a pretty good chance that I could fall flat on my face, but let's give it a go! I have a long to-be-read list to get me started (although not all of them are brand-new releases), and a few challenges I'm making for myself, so the plan is to hit the ground running... starting now...

Challenges for 2014:

A-Z reading challenge

This is a fun challenge hosted by Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book in which you choose books whose titles begin with each letter of the alphabet. My plan is to read at least two books for each letter by the end of the year. A new tab with my progress is to come.

Copycat monthly challenge for January on Goodreads (in which I'm paired up with another member of my Goodreads group and have to read books from her "read" list).
Books to read:

I'm especially excited about this supernatural series about two people destined to be together and suspect I might have a new book boyfriend in my near future (although my heart currently belongs to Daemon Black from the "Lux" series)!

Yet another series to start, although it will be nice to take a step back from the fantasy genre I've been immersing myself in!

I picked the Kindle version of this one up for free on Amazon a few weeks ago, so I was excited to see this on my partner's read list. She gave it 5 stars, and the Goodreads average rating is 3.87. I'm guessing it will be along the lines of Alex Flinn's Beastly and A Kiss in Time, so it should be a fun read!

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