Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reviews: Digital Me and Perfect Opposite

Here are some long-overdue reviews for two books that I received as advanced copies from the authors for honest reviews. It must be said that I'm always slightly skeptical when agreeing to take on these early-release copies, because often times they are still in early stages of editing, and the professional copyeditor/proofreader in me screams out for a red pen or commenting feature while reading. However, I'm a sucker for new stories and I'm hardly ever disappointed when all is said and done. I really enjoyed both of these!

Digital Me by J.M. Varner

3/5 stars

All kids these days have been warned about the importance of discretion on the internet. Most, however, have not witnessed or experienced any situations personally that would prove why being careful is so important. This book gives one such example. And it does so in such an initially innocent way that the same situation could have happened to anyone, making it hit even closer to home.

Sara couldn’t wait for the social networking site Digital Me to be opened to high school students (think Facebook in 2005). Soon she is consumed in the online world, creating her own new persona and alienating her few real-life friends in the process. When a computer hacker across the globe targets Sara and her friends, things spiral out of control very quickly in this novel that serves as a warning of the dangers of personal information on the internet.
My only concern with this book is that the target audience might not have witnessed the significance first hand of Facebook opening up to high school students. I remember this being a huge deal, and could therefore relate to this book on a personal level. However, I love that this book can still be applicable today, nearly ten years later. The only possible mature situation in the book was merely implied, so I love that this book can also be suitable for middle school students who will soon be able to create their own Facebook accounts.

Perfect Opposite by Zoya Tessi

4/5 stars

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. Both characters were so enjoyable that I found myself craving more of them and returning to my iPhone to read it numerous times throughout the day. (With two little kiddos at home, it’s hard to find long stretches where I can indulge my need to read… but I made exceptions for this book!)

Sasha is the daughter of a man with some shady connections. When a deal gone wrong leaves her father and therefore Sasha as targets, Alex is hired as a personal bodyguard. Nobody realizes just how personal it will get. I loved how Alex helps Sasha work through some PTSD she’s dealing with. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Sasha and her roommate.

Zoya Tessi did a wonderful job adding humor and suspense into the love story that shouldn’t have worked but does oh so well!


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